Welcome on the corporate website of Chevignon. Purchase only possible for French residents.

be agent or affiliated

You want to be international agent or affiliated in France.
Meet us on our showroom: 26, rue Etienne Marcel – 75001 Paris
Contact: direction.export@chevignon.fr

You want to be affiliated localy or you are looking for a shop.
For Belgium contact: hans@studio10.be
For Colombia contact: danieluc@gco.com.co
For Germany contact: info@agentur-deinert.com
For Greece contact: vassilis@arapidisfashion.gr
For Italie contact: s.quagliero@agenzias2.com
For UK contact: andrew@newbeachretail.com or shaun@newbeachretail.com
For Hong-Kong contact: evachu@swire-resources.com
For Scandinavia contact: finn.alpberg@vox.se